Friday, August 19, 2016

Seven Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Garage Security

Securing the home is always the top priority for every homeowner. Nobody wants burglars to break-in easily and take everything inside the home. Most of the time, the main doors are the ones that are secured first.

The garage is usually the last part of the home that pops up when it comes to security. However, the garage is also an essential bit to every home.  When this is forgotten, this can be the weak spot that will allow burglars to get access to your home.

Here are the seven reasons to convince you why you must improve your garage security:

·         It is an access to the main home. Although securing the main door and the back door is essential in protecting your family and valuables from burglars, you might forget that the garage also provides an easy access to your home. This is true for those who have an attached garage. There is usually a connecting door from the garage to the main house or kitchen. If you are not adding any form of security to your garage, this might be a way for them to get inside your home without a sweat. So always consider all points of entry in your home, especially your garage.

·         It has valuable items.The garage is where the family’s cars are usually stored. In addition to that, other tools and seasonal items are also stored in the garage. When the garage is left unsecured, a potential burglar can definitely get his hands on quite valuable items. An unsecured garage would be a gold mine to any burglar. It contains most of the valuable items in the homes like power tools, lawnmowers, and others. These are very resalable items and cost a lot of money. Ensure that you protect your valuable possessions by adding an extra layer of security.

·         It is a vulnerable spot. The garage is usually the odd part of the house. Although it may be attached to the main house, it is not a living space. This makes it vulnerable to burglary. The windows are not usually covered and secured. This can be used to break in. This makes it even more important to add security features to your garage.

·         You have no idea what’s going on. This is especially true if you have a detached garage that is at the back or in front of your home. It is difficult for you to hear or know what’s going on at the back. If this is the case, it is imperative to make your garage even more secure. You can opt to add extra security features like cameras and mobile controls so you can have access to your garage anytime, anywhere. Just ensure that these security features are compatible with the current garage door opener that you have.

·         You may forget to close or lock it. This is usual morning scenario. You are running late from work, you open your garage door and drive out of the house without checking if you have locked it. An open garage door is a gateway to endless of possibilities for the burglar. This can be prevented by adding timer-to-lock security feature to your garage door opener so you don’t have to panic and drive back to your home when this happens.

·         Power tools can be used for breaking-in. The garage usually houses power tools. If these lands in the wrong hands, this can be used to damage property and even hurt people. Keep these tools away from the wrong hands by making your garage safe and secure.

·         It is always unoccupied.Unless you have converted a part of your garage to a living space, it is almost always unoccupied. This increases the risks of burglary since it can be easy for them to get in and out without any presence in the garage. By adding extra security features, you are already making sure that you have presence and control in your garage even if you are away.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Actionable Tips: How to Convert Your Garage into a Fabulous Kitchen

If your home has less living space but more garage space, it might be time to convert that extra space to livable and usable room.

Garage conversions are among the most common projects that many homeowners take. Instead of building or extending the house space, converting the available space in the garage may be more cost-effective.  Aside from that, most garages are situated beside the kitchen, which makes the conversion easier.

If you are planning to convert your garage into the kitchen, here are the steps that you should take to make this project a reality:

·         Be ready with the costs. Always have an extra cushion aside from your set budget when you are converting your garage. Whether you may be doing part of the conversion yourself or hiring a contractor to do the project, knowing the costs and having an extra amount ready for unexpected expenses is a must. Conversion is not a cheap project even if it is among the more affordable alternative when it comes to extending your home. So, shop for the best prices and ask around for the costs that may incur.

·         Remove the wall. If you are extending your current kitchen to add more space, you might need to knock down a wall that separates your kitchen from the garage. Internal walls and fitting steels might be removed to make way for new extension.

·         Insulate. If you are taking the entire garage as the new kitchen, you may need to insulate the walls to keep the kitchen and the people inside warm during colder months and cool during the hotter months. Insulate the walls and floors and weather strip when necessary. Temperature control is necessary for a living space. A garage conversion that is properly insulated will keep the electricity costs low long-term.

·         Plumbing. This is part of the remodeling is a must especially if you are putting up a sink on the garage area. This makes converting to a kitchen more challenging. Tying the new living space to the existing plumbing in your house. You might need to build up the new flooring to accommodate the plumbing pipes. Consult a professional for this part of the conversion.

·         Raise the floor level. Most of the garage floors are lower than street level and are usually rough and sloped. The floor is the first thing that you need to tackle when converting your garage. You need to install a new floor structure. You might opt for a wooden or concrete floor. The advantage of having a concrete slab over the existing floor is that a radiant heating system can be installed within the concrete. Raising the floor level might take a lot of work and time.

·         Electrical wiring. Although most garages already have outlets and wiring, in case of a conversion, you might need to reroute everything to make way for the new space. Surface mounted wires might be moved. This can be a difficult task to do-it-yourself. It is important to consult a professional when dealing with rewiring. Ask your local building inspector in case you need a permit for changing the wiring.

·         New openings. Windows and door might be considerations too when remodeling the garage. Take into account what you’re going to do with the garage opening. Changing up your garage door will have a big impact on how your home will look like. This will also include the possible addition of windows especially if you’re planning to have an open dining area or bar on the new living space. One of the common remedy to this problem is to have large doors or windows fill the entire garage opening. For additional windows, you might need to check with your local building codes.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

3 Spots in Your Garage That Needs Improved Security

The garage is usually the last room in your house that gets secured from burglaries. Most homeowners focus on the main parts of the house like the front door and the master’s bedroom that they forget that the cars and tools are in the garage.
If you are looking into upping the security of your home, start with your garage. Here are the three blind spots that you may have:

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·         Garage Doors.  This is the first spot that you should secure in your garage. This is the main entrance for your garage so it is imperative to add extra layers of security. You can start by adding a metal lock reinforcer on the door. This prevents the door from splitting in case someone tries to break in. A more secure garage door opener is also a good option to tighten up the security. Find those that come with timers that automatically locks your garage doors and with motion detectors. These might cost you extra but give you the peace of mind that you need. If you are going on a vacation, remember to disable the overhead door to prevent someone from using this entry.

·         Windows. This is often the last thing on a homeowner’s mind. However, your garage window can also attract unwanted attention, especially from burglars. People can take a peek of what’s inside your garage and go window shopping. To prevent this, cover your windows with curtains or blinds to prevent anyone from checking out what’s inside. You may also want to bar the windows for added security. Burglars cannot get in with this type of armor on your window.

·         Remote. Although this isn’t necessarily is a place in the garage, a replaced remote can mean disaster for you. Always secure it and never leave it inside your car. Thieves know that these are usually clipped to the visor. It might be best to downsize your remote and opt for a smaller keychain version that you can carry with you no matter where you go.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

LiftMaster Garage Door Installation Quick Guide

photo credit to Alicia Garage Doors
If you are tired of having to clamber in and out of your car, in order to exit the garage, it could be time to think about installing a LiftMaster Garage Door Opener. It is easier than you might think, so don’t shy away from having a go at this simple DIY project.

First, keep in mind that all garage doors are different. If it makes sense to slightly vary certain measurements, to fit the size and shape of your door, this should be fine. However, you do need to read the instructions carefully and follow them as closely as possible.

Think About Safety

You should not attempt to install a LiftMaster Garage Door Opener, or any other kind of mechanism, unless the garage door opens and closes properly to begin with. Do not disengage any of the locks or shut down the original hardware until you know this is the case.

Link the Tube to the Power 

You need to carefully link up the tube to the power. Then, place the traveler over the tube, before you finish assembling the idler. Do not wrap the traveler into the power unit until you have linked it to the chain. It is up to you to determine the correct degree of tension.

Connect the Extra Parts

Position the head bracket and connect the parts together. You need to leave enough room for the power unit. The best way to position and set the power unit is with high quality mounting straps. Generally, most garage door openers need around an inch of clearance between the door and the tube.

Test Drive the New Opener

Once all of the LiftMaster Garage Door Opener components have been fitted, it is time to take it for a test drive. Wait to secure the bracket until you know that the setup functions smoothly and everything is in the right place.

Always Shut Off the Power

Do not forget to completely switch off any existing power supplies to the garage. If you do not do this and proceed with installation anyway, you could be risking a serious injury. Stay safe, follow manufacturer instructions, and you will be left with an impressive new door opener.

Monday, September 14, 2015

3 Tips How to Choose the Right Key Chain Garage Opener Remote

Garage remote has always allowed us to access our garages with ease and without getting out of our cars to manually open it. It has become one of life’s best conveniences, making everyday life easier.  This handy helper has been a part of our daily routine and therefore we should choose the best keychain remote to help us for a very long time.

Deciding to have a keychain remote is better than the full-size remote, not only is it handy and easy to carry but it is also safer. The full-size remote are normally placed inside your car, when it gets stolen it becomes a security threat to your home. Chances are the thief would try and access your house using the remote to your garage door opener.

But how do we choose the right key chain remote for our garage door opener?  There are many different types of garage door remote keys that can be bought and each key is unique and so it is your duty to know all its features and it should be carefully reviewed before buying.

1. Make sure the remote works for your garage. Know the manufacturer to make sure that it will work for your garage door opener. Also, check your garage door information to know the model and motor unit for compatibility between the remote and the opener.

2. Choose the one with many buttons to control more than just your garage door. Keychain remote with three buttons allow you to control not just the opening and closing but is can also control light in the garage and even control another door.

3. Opt for the one with a simple programming. You have too many things to think about and setting up your garage door remote should not be complicated.

If you have already found the perfect remote, don’t be afraid to ask questions from the seller when you buy it. Product knowledge is your key to enjoying the optimum benefits of your remote.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Insane 6 Seconds How a Thief can Open Your Garage Door that Will Make You Paranoid

You read the title correctly, yes six seconds. As fast as you count from 1 to 6, a burglar can get into your home through the garage door. If you have seen the video that has been posted on Youtube on how one person demonstrated how easy it was to open your garage door using only a wire hanger then you’ll be as stunned as we are.

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We all know that garage doors are equipped with an emergency lever that can be used to open it manually when power is out. However, this emergency lever could also be used by burglars to break into our homes. They have already figured out how to open it without any struggle through the use of a wire hanger.

Armed with a wire hanger, they will use it to pull down the release or use it to hook to the string that dangles from the lever and when released, they will just open the garage door manually from the outside. Yes, in 6 seconds.

To avoid falling victim to this, there are a few companies that sell locking systems exclusively for garage doors and specifically designed for this kind of break-in. There is even on company named Elocksys Garage Door Lock that sells deadbolt that can be locked through remote control every time homeowners leave their homes. This can be installed in their garage doors as additional security.

There is also the inexpensive way of securing the emergency lever with a zip tie; however there is a down-side to this. When you tie your emergency lever it will make the lever inoperable and will pose a danger of not being able to open it in case of emergency.

Other burglars will look for garage door openers inside your parked cars, they will break into your cars and get the remote, this will give them a chance to have access to your home and steal your valuables. As always, you can burglar-proof your home if you will only be vigilant and be diligent enough to always lock your doors and never be lax when it comes to home security.

3 Fun Activities to Do at Home (Just in Your Garage) This Summer

It’s the time of the year again that the family is filled with activities and projects. Everyone wants to be outside, under the sun, at the beach or stay at home and get things done around the house. There are many different, easy and fun activities you can do to spend a worthwhile summer with the family and the best part is - you don’t even have to leave the house.

1. You want to go to the beach but it’s really far and it’s too crowded at this time of the year, no need to take that long drive and get rough with all the people throwing balls and running around at the beach. You can recreate the beach right at home; by the garage or in the backyard. You may print cut-out pictures of coconut and palm trees and stick it in your garage door, then bring out the beach towels, chairs and fill out the inflatable pool.age

Prepare some fun snacks; make popsicles using fresh juice, grill some burgers and sandwiches. Ask the kids to set the picnic table with handcrafted little umbrellas and little beach balls. For complete relaxation, bring out the hammock and if you don’t have one, you can always make your own by hanging a bed sheet to a tree

1. Let the kids earn and have fun. Collect all the stuff that you no longer need, like old toys and clothes that the kids have outgrown. They may also sell DIY crafts that they have made like bracelets and necklaces made out of beads. They can even set up a lemonade stand and put it all in the garage and turn it into a mini thrift store.

2. You have always wanted to have a recreation room in the house, now is the time to convert the garage into one. Bring in the pool table, the extra couch and a dart board. You can also put a TV and plug in the Xbox.

We have listed just three of the many fun things you can do in your garage or at any part of the home this summer but there is no limit to what you can do and will make to create lasting memories for summer 2015.